Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson


Kelsey Wilson has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years.

Kelsey previously was a competitive gymnast, where technique, form and exercise execution were at the forefront of training and competition.

Kelsey takes care of making sure everyone is training with good technique and understanding what they are doing. Kelsey will ensure during classes she gives some form of individual coaching to each client.

Kelsey is passionate about teaching group classes and every class is seen as a challenge to bring the best out in her clients.

Kelsey feeds off knowing clients  are ‘enjoying’ her classes whilst also making sure everyone is pushing themselves to be the best they can be. Kelsey loves seeing results and clients progressing from strength to strength.

Kelsey takes great pride in her ability to read people, if you are nervous or unsure of what you are doing She will make sure you feel confident.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there Kelsey will help you progress effectively and at your own level while pushing you to achieve your goals.

Kelsey teaches  two classes a week at In And Out Fitness.

Tuesday: Fit 2 Run 7.30p-8.30pm

Thursday: Metafit/ Core 7.40pm

Fit 2 Run and Metafit are designed for all ages and levels.