Become a Personal Trainer with Ollie Jessop.

At OJPT we work in conjunction with Total Fitness Education to deliver Level 2 Gym instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses. These courses can be delivered in two different formats: Online and in person by Ollie himself.  Both courses require at least 3 full days in person training plus an assessment day. Ollie has a mission to make you the best trainer you can be by allowing you to shadow him with live clients, observe you training clients and help you once you get your first few clients with programming, nutrition and to understand how to gain client compliance to build a successful business.

Both our Level 2 and 3 courses utilise a online e-learning platform for the theory element of the course however this can be reinforced by contacting Ollie for a meeting or online call regarding any questions you may have. Ollie will also schedule time to help you with your portfolio that you must complete. All the programming and practice elements of the course are taught in-person individually or as a group.

Other courses available are TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, Foam Rolling, Trigger Point U6 Kit training and Coming soon Ankorr Harness Training.

If you would like more information on courses and for the latest prices please contact Ollie.


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  • Ankorr

    Ankorr is the worlds first “Animate Load Harness”. It’s unique design allows the “anchor points” to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes & 360 degrees of transverse planes. This means our athletes & soldiers can move forward under load, spin 180 degrees through their sagittal planes then move in reverse while staying under constant load.
    In doing so, Ankorr pioneers what we refer to as “Fluid Resistance”. This is where we can simulate “game specific situations” for athletes & “field specific conditions” for soldiers. This prepares them both for operational readiness like never before.
    The unique training arm that comes with Ankorr also sets it apart. “The ZUU” ( is a world class exercise platform based on primal pattern movements. Developed to increase strength endurance, mobility, strength through full ranges, anaerobic threshold, cardio vascular & character without the use of any equipment.
    Combine a world class training program with a ground breaking functional tool & you’ll understand why Ankorr is a “Must Have” in athletes, soldiers & coaches training kits.

    Date:  28th November.

    Location: In and Out Fitness Ltd, 54 High Street, Auchterarder PH71BN

    Cost £200

    TRX Education is a movement-based training curriculum that provides fitness professionals with a progressive approach to learning our system of Foundational Movement Coaching. Our courses progress from practicing Foundational Movement standards with the TRX Suspension Trainer, to developing your skills and integrating multiple training tools with individuals or groups. Altogether our progressive, movement-based training curriculum enables you to Move Better, Train Better, and ultimately, Coach Better.
    Trigger Point Level 1
    Trigger Point level 1 course is predominately based around the GRID Foam roller. This 4 hour course will teach you the correct techniques for using a foam roller with your clients, the safety points and benefits of foam rolling for you as a trainer and your clients. 
    Trigger Point Level 2
    Trigger Point Level 2 course is an 8 hour course will teach you how to use the rest of the Trigger Point product range for deeper myofascial release, how to teach clients safely and effectively to use the product range and who to use these great pieces of equipment with and when.