Personal training is a great way to achieve your fitness goals, improve your overall performance and gain confidence in your body’s abilities.

OJPT is an elite Personal Training Studio based on Charlotte Square in the West End of Edinburgh. We specialise in goal and results driven training for Fat Loss clients, Injury Rehabilitation and TRX Suspension Training Classes led by TRX Master Trainer Oliver Jessop. 

What do we do?

OJPT coaches people to be fitter, leaner, faster, stronger, move better, eat better and prevent injuries. Our coaches are all specialists within their field with the most up-to-date training methods, mobilisation techniques and nutrition programming.

We work alongside a specialist osteopathic clinic within the same premises for clients needing manual treatment for pain or injury management.

Who can we help?

Are you over weight? Do you want to improve your Physique? Are you coming back from injury? Do you need a coach to get you to your goal? Do you need help with your nutrition?...

At OJPT we can help anyone who needs to loose weight, build muscle, return to activity following injury or improve sporting performance.