Oliver Jessop

Oliver Jessop is a Functional Performance and Functional Therapy specialist and a tutor for FASTER Health & Fitness. This means that he is an expert in understanding biomechanics and how the body moves.


To explain this philosophy, he says - "Your body is designed to move in three planes of motion. However, daily life, and even just occasional indulgences, mean we tend to mainly just move forwards, neglecting to move sideways and rotate. This can cause restrictions in movement, pain and reduce overall sports performance."


Using functional assessment procedures in gait or by doing a specific movement, Oliver can assess which areas of your body are restricted or causing pain or reduced performance. Based on these results he can train you to move better and he can design programmes specifically for your training goal. Not only will this help you stay pain free, it will improve performance. Programmes are available using apps for iPhone, android and blackberry.

Oliver often uses video technology to demonstrate techniques for specific exercises, to enhance your personal sessions and assist in achieving your goals. 

Contact details: info@ojpt.co.uk
Mobile: 07446 823 368

Functional Therapy and Exercise Referral

For some considerable time, Oliver has been receiving referrals from physiotherapists, chiropractors, G.P.s and other medical specialists. Post-operation or post-injury, the main job of a clinician is to take the patient out of pain, or to fix the ‘structural’ cause of the problem. Once the patient is pain free it is important to re-train the movements that have been missing allowing you to move better, improve your sports performance and preventing re-occurrence of the injury.

Oliver works closely with James McKeen to ensure his clients are optimizing their nutritional intake and making the right food choices at the right time. If clients are unable to see James in person, he and Oliver work together to create a plan to suit the goal, which must  in turn fit in with our client’s lifestyle.