Stachu Golaszewski

I have been training for the last 10 years, and decided 4 years ago that I wanted to work as a Personal Trainer in the Fitness Industry and since I qualified I haven't looked back.


Whilst studying my HND in Exercise Fitness and Health I wanted to learn more and be more hands on with clients so I embarked on a 1 year mentorship with Oliver Jessop where I shadowed him during sessions, learnt about how to assess and solve movement restrictions and coach nutrition. This has been hugely valuable as I now coach in Oliver's Edinburgh Studio and in Bannatynes, Dunfermline. Over the last year as a coach I have honed my skills on helping clients reach their goals by teaching them to change small aspects of their eating habits or lifestyle ensuring they are ready, willing and able to take such steps. Using this approach enables client to feel a sense of achievement and leads to creating a better healthier lifestyle and overall creates the desired result.

Fat Loss Coaching

- Muscle and Strength Coaching
- Health Coaching
- Online Coaching
- Nutrition Coaching
- Injury Rehabilitation

Contact details: 0744 747 8022