"I have been weight training for 4 years now and have mainly educated myself with articles over the internet. I was in the middle of training for my second bodybuilding competition where I found myself being in the same position I was the year before. My results were unsatisfactory and I had exhausted every training method I knew to boost my progress.

However, I was lucky enough have been introduced to James Mckeen, who has had vast experience and training in different aspects of weight training. He has introduced me to an array of training styles that I would have never have tried or thought of. He has managed to transform my physique and bring up my weak points better than I could have imagined.

Furthermore, James has been there every step of the way and has motivated and pushed me when I thought I had nothing left. This was really helpful when I lost confidence in my ability and I couldn’t see the end result objectively. James has also helped me with my nutrition and has offered some valuable inputs towards my overall diet.
I have to say that I couldn’t have gotten the results I achieved if it weren’t for the help of James."

Jason Kon